Dress Lashes

Dress Lashes

Coy slicks her. Both hands
cup her sacred as water,

reed over her,
rolling through warm currents

in the burn of fluorescents
in the still of morning

her eyes reach out, she slips hot
breath over her lover’s tongue

curls a fan of hand behind a kiss
scaled neck. Sky falls through the window,

on the nightstand, dress lashes,
flutter brilliant orange.

First published in Red River Review, 2011.




I’ve seen the snow

his white hand

over the river’s mouth


two fists beating

that drum rhythm

cracking resistance,

chipping resolve


– scattered teeth fragments.

I’ve seen the river’s tongue

beneath the frost, I long

to lie under it, curl up


to his salvia gland’s pillow

and watch the muscle move over me.

First published in Forge, issue 5.1 , 2011.



Lining up the wood on the block

he’s a decent size, matured, a pale shade.

The axe swings her high arc, wedges silver

into the centre. He rocks open, his ant-black

heart dribbles pincers onto her feet, shock

shakes them off. Later in the fuel stove

his wine sap heats and hisses his defeat.

First published in Voiceworks, no. 83, Summer 2010-2011.

Audrey (uminoyami)

Audrey (uminoyami)

Your Ursula stares despondent by the jars

filled with ocean creatures past I imagine

them pulsating fast as lovers’ hearts

in their preserving liquid. Slowing with

the chemicals a final fidget before dark.


Audrey, how do you capture?

Hair fluid as water, those eyes that sulk

somewhere off canvas, ears that have

heard the disappointment

that could have been my own.

First published in Tide , no. 7, 2010.