Writerly Wednesday: Art as Mid-Week Muse.

Preface to Writerly Wednesday

So it’s the middle of the week.

Work’s busier than security at a motorcycle gang convention and when you do get that odd hour to write, all that comes out is:

  • Bread.
  • Milk.
  • Chocolate.
  • Pumpkin – the 20 carat gold of foods (see what I did there?).
  • Pick up prescription.
  • Sour apple candy straps are not a main meal.
  • Take washing off the line.
  • Sort paperwork (come on now, be realistic).

What do you need? A mid-week muse. I like to think my muse is kinda like puff pastry. Golden and high in carbs? Well close, but no. Flaky and really only useful once it’s been subjected to a lot of heat.

Deadlines are a wonderful thing when they’re on the horizon. You have so much time, you can just relax a little and enjoy the lush scenery. Listen to some Regina Spektor, cross-stitch cuss words and send them to your friends, or decide that the only thing your tiny backyard really needs is $1000 worth of zen decor. It’s that time between basic organisation and panic, where watching whole seasons of poorly written crime shows seems like the most productive use of your time. It’s only when you’re three hours away from your destination do your realise that the lush scenery you’ve marveled at is actually a desert full of Cacti, your cat has hidden ‘kitty logs’ in your zen sand, and you left your creativity in Brisbane with a well-meaning window washer named Brayden-Shane.

So to the point (because aside from wanting to sandwich as many analogies into one post as possible, there is one). Every Wednesday I will attempt to post inspiring work from a variety of artists to boost your creative libido.

So stay tuned my little creative creepers, I’m about to sex up your mid-week slump.


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