Text Thursday: Carve, Crazyhorse, and Cats don’t wait for Godot.

Image courtesy of icanhascheezburger.com

Brittle Star

Hometown: London.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry (max. 4 poems) and short fiction (max 2 entries 2000wds, double spaced).

Deadline: Year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: email and post – currently only accepting post.

Doesn’t Accept: Previously published work or simultaneous submissions.

Paid: unclear.

For more info, click the title link.

Carve magazine

Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Short literary fiction (max 10,000wds) and Photography.

Deadline: Year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Submishmash.

Doesn’t Accept: Genre fiction, previously published work (simultaneous submissions with notification).

Format Guidelines: Double spaced, cover letter, contact details in header.

Paid: $20-$50 per story.

Other: Provides feedback on 10-15% of rejected submissions.

For more info, click the title link.

Dorothy Prize

Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Lyric poems (<30 lines).

Deadline: 20th Oct 2012.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Mail.

Doesn’t Accept: Previously published work.

Format Guidelines: Poems on separate sheets (see website for more guidelines).

Theme: celebration of the spirit of life

Fee: $10 per entry for mail from US residents. International entries are free.

Prize: up to $25,000.

For more info, click the title link.

Crazy Horse

Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Fiction (max 25 pages), poetry (max 5), essays.

Deadline: reading period from Sept 1 – May 31.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: online.

Doesn’t Accept:  Previously published work. Accepts simultaneous submissions.

Format Guidelines: .docx, .doc, .pdf, or .rtf file. Times or Arial font (for more guidelines, see website).

Paid: $20-35 per page of layout .

For more info, click the title link.

That’s all for today, happy submitting!


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