Text Thursday: Forge, a Brick, a Ledge and why Francis Ford Coppola wants you.

Text Thursday

Text Thursday features a run down of upcoming opportunities for writers and artists. As always, use your own discretion when submitting. If it doesn’t look legit, don’t submit.


Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Art, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, serialised pieces.

Next Deadline: Sept 30 (for January issue).

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Email.

Doesn’t Accept: n/a

Format Guidelines: send as email attachment, doc. or rtf. format (see site for art submission details).

Paid: No.

Other: Accepts simultaneous submissions with notification.

For more info, click the title link.

Brick Magazine

Hometown: Canada.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Literary non-fiction only.

Deadline: Year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Post.

Doesn’t Accept: Poetry, art, fiction or email submissions.

Format Guidelines: SSAE if you want your manuscript returned, email address for notification.

Paid: Unclear.

Other: Six months response time, wide circulation.

For more info, click the title link.

The Ledge

Hometown: New York.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry (3-5), Fiction (1 story – 7,500wds max).

Reading Period: Oct 1 – March 31.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Post.

Doesn’t Accept: Email submission, previously published work (simultaneous submissions with notification).

Format Guidelines: SSAE.

Paid: Copies.

Other: Published annually, 6-8 months response time.

For more info, click the title link.


Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry (five poems max), fiction (two short stories, one story), non-fiction (one essay).

Reading Period: Sept 1 – May 1.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Online submission manager.

Doesn’t Accept: Multiple submissions in the same genre.

Format Guidelines: Submit each genre submission separately (eg: poetry as one submission, non-fiction as separate submission).

Paid: Monetary payment and copies.

Other: Simultaneous submissions considered.

For more info, click the title link.

American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest

Judged by Francis Ford Coppola.

Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Screenplay (82-145 pages, in English).

Deadline: Final deadline Sept 6.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: online.

Doesn’t Accept: Previously published/sold work.

Format Guidelines: U.S Motion Picture industry standard format.

Theme: n/a

Fee: $50 for final deadline.

Prize: US $5,000.

For more info, click the title link.


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