Text Thursday: London Calling – Magma, Port, Granta

Text Thursday

Text Thursday features a run down of upcoming opportunities for writers and artists. As always, use your own discretion when submitting. Check the fine print and if it looks sketchy, don’t submit.


 Hiram Poetry Review

Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: poetry (3-5 poems).

Reading Period: year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: email or post.

Doesn’t Accept: Any other medium besides poetry.

Format Guidelines: unclear.

Paid: unclear.

For more info, click the title link.


Port Magazine

Hometown: London

Open to: everyone.

Medium: fiction, non-fiction, photography, translations.

Deadline: year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: email.

Doesn’t Accept: Post submissions.

Format Guidelines: n/a.

Paid: Unclear.

Other: masculine orientated magazine.

For more info, click the title link.


Magma Poetry

Hometown: UK.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry (6 max).

Next Deadline: Oct 31.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: email (international submissions) or post (UK residents only).

Doesn’t Accept: previously published work.

Format Guidelines: poems in body of email rather than attachments. Post submissions must have SSAE.

Paid: Copies.

Other: Published in print, online and via ebook/app.

Additional Submissions: Magma Poetry Comp 2012
Reading Period: 16 Oct – 16 Dec

Prize: £100 – £500

For more info, click the title link.



Hometown: London.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry, prose, art/photography.

Reading Period: year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: Online submission manager or post.

Doesn’t Accept: previously published material.

Format Guidelines: Submit each genre submission separately (eg: poetry as one submission, non-fiction as separate submission).

Paid: unclear.

Other: Simultaneous submissions considered. Previously The Granta of Cambridge University fame.

For more info, click the title link.



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