Table-Talk Tuesday: Ceilings, Snails, and Forever Alone Leaf.

I took this hipster picture extravagantly, in my pajamas.
Dramatic orange filter is dramatic.


Ceiling mouth opens to devour your bad shower karaoke.


First place in the snail race.


It’s not easy being the only yellow leaf.




Mind Food Monday: Adichie and the Danger of a Single Story.

Culture, assumption and the ‘Single Story’.

I discovered novelist Chimamanda Adichie today. She has the sort of career that makes me nervous as a writer. Her Wiki states that she has three degrees (one of which is from Yale); three fellowships (including one with Harvard), has written countless short stories and three books, two of which have been awarded prizes, she gives regular talks for TED, and teaches writing workshops in Nigeria and the US. Oh, and she’s only 35. No big deal [insert writer’s angst here].

Adichie’s novels include Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sunboth of which were nominated for several awards including the Orange Prize for Fiction, with Purple Hibiscus winning the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize.

In the video below, Adichie talks about cultural assumptions and the danger of ‘single story’ perspectives. Both in the context of human relations and in reference to writing. She discusses how single story perspectives emphasize difference rather than similarity and reinforce stereotypes. At about 17:40 she discusses ambition and the power of a many story perspective saying

Stories matter, many stories matter, stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize…

I think that’s something relevant to everyone but especially relevant to creative people, to be aware of the stories you are creating and become accountable for what they say about a particular place, person or group of people.

Video courtesy of the lovely people at TED.

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[I promise I will update the citation of this post asap – so don’t birth a four legged herbivore, ok?]

Freudian Friday: Guggi and the art that beats you up.

Freudian Friday: Art abuse

Guggi, aside from having a kickass name, is an artist and the founder of an avant-garde band called the Virgin Prunes. He is one of nine, lives in Dublin and owns a bunch of reptiles – what’s not to love? Here he talks discipline and art (video courtesy of the brilliant people at BigThink). And if all that doesn’t float your creative boat then I have just one word for you. Accent.

To get more Guggi, view his selected works here.

Text Thursday: Knockout, Gertrude, Burnside.


Hometown: USA.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: poetry (3-5 poems) and short fiction.

Reading Period: year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: online.

Doesn’t Accept: Any other medium besides poetry and short fiction, previously published work.

Format Guidelines: Submishmash friendly files.

Paid: copies.

For more info, click the title link.

Gertrude Magazine

Hometown: Interwebs.

Open to: everyone.

Medium: fiction, non-fiction, art, video.

Deadline: year round.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: online submission.

Doesn’t Accept: Post submissions. Previously published material.

Format Guidelines: online submission manager.

Paid: Unclear.

Other: LGBTQA orientated magazine. 9-12 months response time.

For more info, click the title link.

Burnside Review

Hometown: Interwebs.

Open to: Everyone.

Medium: Poetry and fiction.

Next Deadline: Submissions open now.

Email/Post/Carrier Pigeon: online submission manager.

Doesn’t Accept: previously published work.

Format Guidelines: submit as one file, $3 submission fee.

Paid: $50 and copies.

For more info, click the title link.

Writerly Wednesday: Killer Watts – Nothingness frees you to be Something.

Writerly Wednesday: Existential edition.

I don’t know what your Wednesday looked like, but mine was all about sunshine. Stretched out on the grass in my work break, there is just something about a sun-filled lazy Wednesday afternoon that makes you think about the big picture. If you lack something warm, fuzzy and existential to ponder – here’s some Alan Watts to weird out your Wednesday (video courtesy of DFalcStudios).

Yeah, you’re welcome.

If you want to download the audio file click here.