Mind Food Monday: Minxes in the Media

All the cool people are doing it

So I finished my degree. Zing! Down comes the confetti. No. This is not today’s confetti. Table-Talk Tuesday is for the personal stuff and hipster photos of mediocre things. Confetti tomorrow.

Long confetti. Confetti longer than my body. Because I make the rules and the rules say ‘fuck logic’.

Focus. Today is the day where I post the works of overachievers in order to dive into a pit of inadequacy  inspire you to live your dreams, reach for the stars and shine bright like diamonds in the sky (really Rihanna? Really? I’d like to think that diamonds are pretty damn shiny as they are but what do I know? Nothing about sky diamonds clearly).

Moving on. Since I’ve spent the last week putting as much distance between my grey matter and academia as humanly possible I’m going to avoid the high art and head straight for YouTube. So here goes my top three laydehs of Youtube and why they’re good for you:

3. Let’s get Hartosexual – Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen

Yes. Just yes. Nothing in your mind should be saying no to this woman. She sings about cheese; she dances, she gets drunk, she tries to cook, and she makes puns.

Oh, and she swears. A woman after my own harto.

2. Two dogs, one Blonde: Jenna Marbles

Adorable voices, adorable dogs, adorable dress ups, and oh hey, she doesn’t give a fuck. Not one. She’s everyone’s favorite go-go dancer with a Masters degree – Jenna Marbles.

She impersonates celebrities and rants about things that irritate her. Oh yeah, and she swears… Anyone see a pattern here?

1. That’s Gracist: My daily dose of Grace Helbig

Number one because she’s my current favorite. Number one because she Vlogs every day. Every. Day. You’ve all seen what happens when I try a dose of the daily upload – explosions and sadness premature posting and Wikipedia level fact checking (I think there’s a nasal spray for that now). Even if you can’t stand her, daily content is no small task. 

She drinks, she sings, she makes weird noises and oh, she swears… I feel like this is important the similarities between my top three YouTubers says too much a lot about me as a person…

Moving on.

Awesome things common to these three women:

1. Lack of fucks given.

2. Swearing and general ‘unladylike’ behavior.

3. Ability to laugh at themselves and show vulnerability.

4. Commitment to their medium.

5. General sass.

All three Laydeh Tubers (not really a good description but roll with me here) manage multiple channels as well as several social media accounts, various side projects for sponsors, and guest spots for fellow YouTubers. What have you done for your artistic ‘brand’ lately? Hmmm?


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