Mind Food Monday: Nod to the Classics – Salvador Dali

King of melting clocks

So this will be short and sweet because I’ve worked 3hrs and spent the afternoon cleaning and looking at someecards.com I’m exhausted. But I feel it’s a surreal and sunny kind of monday afternoon or maybe that’s the headache talking so let’s get all Dali up in here.

If you don’t know who Salvador Dali is GTFO you can find all his info at SalvadorDalicom. Sure, his paintings are amazing. Among my favorites are his early surrealist works. He makes the Mind Food Monday honorable mentions list due to being a fucking badass who was obsessed with ants this film:

*trigger warning – if your squeamish about eye related gore*

Un Chien Andalou (MTV Version) – video courtesy of MrPhilrand on Youtube.

If you want some Dali in your life – up close and sexy personal – and you’re in ze Florida USA, perhaps head on down to The Dali Museum. If only for the amazing Dali-themed merchandise in their Dali Store. They sell Dali themed perfume, wire sculptures, mugs, earrings, etc. I’m fairly certain I want everything in there.

They have an ant themed jewellery collection.

What’s a gal to do?


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