Mind Food Monday: Zimbardo and time.

Brain Bites – Professor Philip Zimbardo

As I’m off being an obnoxious tourist, this episode of Mind Food Monday will be slipped into your acoustic canals by Philip Zimbardo (@PhilZimbardo), professor of psychology at Stanford University. Here he discusses different attitudes towards time and how these attitudes impact our lives. Video courtesy of the gorgeous people at RSA. Visit their website to keep up to date with new lectures and articles. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel (highly recommended), follow them on Twitter or catch new content via their Facebook page.

Past, present or future orientated, which are you and how does it impact your quality of life?


One thought on “Mind Food Monday: Zimbardo and time.

  1. Great video! I love their stuff, and that one was packed with lots of great ideas to ceonidsr! Our culture does impact how we spend our time, and many groups have the right idea! I lived in Hawaii when I was a kid, and I remember how laid back the lifestyle was. It could have been because I was a kid AND because we didn’t have the internet or really cheap long distance or cell phones, and not just because we were closer to the equator! But I’ve always remember how the Pacific island nations seemed to savor time instead of rushing and wishing it away. Now to spend my time wisely today- it’s our most scarce resource!

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