Table-Talk Tuesday: Melbourne Noms and Hipster City Pictures.

More Melbourne: I ate things, I have pictures to prove it.

I ate stuff and this is what it looked like (isn’t that what all the cool kids do?):

I ate this for dinner here in Melbourne because I’m an adult damn it.
My friend (yes I have friends) had sprinkles. This is an important blog-worthy detail that I need to share with you all.
I also ate this. It was nice to my tongue and mouth. Important details (I’m still trying to kick dairy – sometimes I win, sometimes I lose).
I was so excited about eating a bunch of these because…
my usual dinner is this…
Banoffi Pie is too dark and I don’t have a flash on my shitty phone so I just filtered the shit out of it dark and tortured, because I’m an artist damn it.
I also tried to take a picture of it digesting but the lens kept fogging up (so, like, ironic). Clearly I fail as an artist.
Time Out. Home of hot indie men and good pie. But mostly hot indie men.
I don’t know what this is but I love it (that’s a lie, I tried to love it, we had a thing, but decided that ultimately we’re better off just being friends. Also I got a weird paint rash. Wot).



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