Weirdest book on your shelf.

So as I’ve previously mentioned, my house has a mold problem (there’s a sexy pick up line if ever I saw one). So I’m frantically moving my books to higher ground. I’ve moved all my nice ones, now I’ve just got my least favorite books to go. They’re on the bottom shelf of my bookcase (does anyone else do that? Put the books you like least on the bottom shelf?). So I was going through them and I found ‘Vinegar – 1001 practical uses’. A hark back to my hippy no-chemicals-for-me days. Now I could probably re-stock a pharmacy from my blood alone. I also have 5 books on medicinal herbs and two books on home remedies. I’m not sure why I still have them to be honest. It’s probably the book-hoarder in me that wants them. That tricksy hobbit.

over 400,000 copies sold!

What is the weirdest book in your collection?


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