I thought I was broke

real broke

It felt like I was

scraping my insides out

to pay bills

negative figures

I sing rap songs

about endless money

I dream

money sandwiches

eating money

Then I met a man online

who went through the system

real young

was homeless

for a while, then I’m sick

when I call my mum

and she gives me $100

for pills and tampons

I still feel broke

but not as broke as some.

I still sing rap songs

about having 99 problems

and sometimes I wake up

with a 5c coin on my tongue.


Cider on the deck

Cider on the deck


Clouds shift, dull and dazed

a storm frowns over the horizon

lips parting for summer rain


under your eyes I abate

rain or tears

melt my foundations


night closes in like an old door

stars watch-tick away light

love’s scent appears faint


you translate Spanish love songs

masking annoyance at my coldness

I keep my longings close


Do you even have a soul?


I am silent as the moon.

your lean back against the door

your cigarette’s fiery eye

widens as you take a drag.