Wollongong Weed

Wollongong Weed


Weeds hissing out of the paver spaces

Medusa snakes of dandelion – the yellow

stones me, I lie

with wrists up

brave lilies

somewhere a church crows three times

its stained glass windows have bars

it’s fast

becoming a city like that

blunt knife streets spill ice heads

picking taut fights

bugs from under their skin


shady hotel lights – I’ve found

every kind of joy or

loneliness but the now now now

of passing white eyes

that Commodore you poured me into

brings me back to feeling

from that part of myself

that lies

on Kembla St asphalt

wondering why the pills don’t work

a road kill carcass

causing passing motorists to temporarily face mortality

on their Macca’s run.


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