I thought I was broke

real broke

It felt like I was

scraping my insides out

to pay bills

negative figures

I sing rap songs

about endless money

I dream

money sandwiches

eating money

Then I met a man online

who went through the system

real young

was homeless

for a while, then I’m sick

when I call my mum

and she gives me $100

for pills and tampons

I still feel broke

but not as broke as some.

I still sing rap songs

about having 99 problems

and sometimes I wake up

with a 5c coin on my tongue.


Morning walk

Slapped flat by the realisation
that the Darwinian top-shelf isn’t your bag, the urge to
slink back rolls in, strong as waves, but with more liberty, one
resorts to fatalism in the face of too little shifts at the
restaurant and too many bills to pay, walking is free
and it clears the head but the high rises
at the sea edge tease and torment. The voyeuristic
prying on unrestrained wealth curls into obsession
study hard, you’ll get a better job if you make it
on that diet of 2 minute noodles and toast.

I’m broke

(Crime and Punishment mash-up)

I’m broke but
love me so hard you
distort my purpose
my suspicions
my woes
to put it briefly
pervert my imagination
with sentences
and we’ll pretend
the wealthiest
couple on earth.