Table-Talk Tuesday: Melbourne Noms and Hipster City Pictures.

More Melbourne: I ate things, I have pictures to prove it.

I ate stuff and this is what it looked like (isn’t that what all the cool kids do?):

I ate this for dinner here in Melbourne because I’m an adult damn it.
My friend (yes I have friends) had sprinkles. This is an important blog-worthy detail that I need to share with you all.
I also ate this. It was nice to my tongue and mouth. Important details (I’m still trying to kick dairy – sometimes I win, sometimes I lose).
I was so excited about eating a bunch of these because…
my usual dinner is this…
Banoffi Pie is too dark and I don’t have a flash on my shitty phone so I just filtered the shit out of it dark and tortured, because I’m an artist damn it.
I also tried to take a picture of it digesting but the lens kept fogging up (so, like, ironic). Clearly I fail as an artist.
Time Out. Home of hot indie men and good pie. But mostly hot indie men.
I don’t know what this is but I love it (that’s a lie, I tried to love it, we had a thing, but decided that ultimately we’re better off just being friends. Also I got a weird paint rash. Wot).



Mind Food Monday: A cut Above.

Street Art Superhero: Above

Do you like your art dauntless? Do you like it informed, accessible and unashamedly adventurous? Do you crave art drenched in word play, mystery and geometric fun? If the answer is no, then go away, no one loves you perhaps this isn’t the post for you, come back tomorrow for hipster pictures of flowers and food stuffs.

If you are part of the remaining awesome hoards, you need to check out Above.

That’s not a religious insinuation, Above is the name of an artist – or superhero – or both (Supertist? Artero?). He likes to keep his identity a secret and travels internationally on self-funded art tours.

‘Broad Daylight Illegals’ in Miami U.S.A. Image courtesy of

Above has his hand just about everything street art related. He gets an honorable mention for his many charitable ventures, raising awareness for causes like homelessness and natural disaster victims.

Homeless not Hopeless. Image courtesy of

If you need something up-lifting, check out the one person powerhouse that is Above, he’s proof that a single creative vision can bring about big change.

Check out Above’s 100% profit donation ‘Homeless not Hopeless’ project here, and his controversial Wall St Banker and blood diamond works here.